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Disney Parks Vinyl Music Record Collection Songs from Peter Pan Neverland

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Side A features: 

1.Main Title (The Second Star to the Right)/All This Has Happened Before

2.On The Rooftop/What’s a Kiss/Perturbed Pixie

3.You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!

4.A Pirate’s Life

5.Blast That Peter Pan/A Pirate’s Life (Reprise)

6.The Legend of the Croc/Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse/Follow Tinker Bell

7.Following the Leader

Side B Features:

1.Hide and Sneak/No Let ‘Em Go

2.Plotting a Pixie’s Plight

3.What Made the Red Man Red/Tinknapped

4.Rumor Has It/Hangman’s Tree

5.Your Mother and Mine

6.Captain Hook Never Breaks A Promise/The Elegant Captain Hook/A Little Surprise/Oh Tink/The Pen or the Plank

7.No Splash/Take That/I’m a Codfish!/Crocbait/The Hero of Neverland

8.Home Again / Mermaids, Pirates, and Indians / Finale (You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!


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